5 reasons Mozambeat is the best place to stay in Tofo, Mozambique

By Marae
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Tofo… the next tropical paradise you have not heard of yet.

It’s beyond me why this destination is not more well known, if I am honest, when we arrived I was awestruck, because it’s such a beautiful place and there are so little people. But I am not complaining, we enjoyed some quiet time and beaches all to ourselves!

A small enough “downtown” you can walk through, magnificent beaches good for both swimming AND surfing, incredible sights all around, friendly locals and food so delicious you almost want to eat it all…but then you remember you have to go to the beach and fit into your bikini…The cherry on top? It has some of the most diverse marine life in Mozambique and we were lucky enough to swim with whale sharks, manta rays and enjoyed world class snorkeling.

While planning our trip through Mozambique, it was important to us that we stayed in places that were truly in line with our views, and the one that grabbed our attention the most in Tofo was Mozambeat.

The 5 things we look for are: Value for money, Location, Amenities & Facilities, Staff and Social Responsibility AKA V.L.A.S.S.

5 reasons why Mozabeat is the best place to stay in Tofo

1. Value for Money

Mozambeat Motel has a wide range of rooms and prices. With campsites starting at $6 usd per night and private ensuite cabins with AC at $65 usd there is a room for every budget at this beautiful and cozy seaside property. Aside from this most rooms include a delicious breakfast, and the prices at the restaurant are not bad at all. They also offer free wifi with all stays, and this is such a big plus in Mozambique! The rooms are clean, the property is large, and the fun is endless…so the value for money is great!

2. Location

Even though the motel is close to the ocean, you can’t just walk to it from your room because of the giant sand dunes all around, but the walk is short and the ambiance is so relaxing it almost feels like you’re by the seaside. Downtown tofo is a short 15-20 min walk away, but for those not wanting to walk long, the nearest Tofinho beach is only a 10 min walk from the door of Mozambeat. The sunsets at Tofinho are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen! If taking the bus from Maputo, make sure you tell your driver you’re going to Mozambeat and they’ll drop you off nearby. You’ll know you’re there when you see the big wall with the music legends painted on it.

3. Amenities & Facilities

Mozambeat Motel has a bit of everything for everyone; no I’m not exaggerating. Accommodations range from camping to private cabins with AC, it also has many hangout areas, including a pool with a bar in it, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating (serving all 3 meals and open til late), an upstairs movie, hangout and lounge area, a bar, hammocks virtually everywhere and so much green spaces you’ll feel in tropical heaven.

We stayed in the Daft Punk cabin (all the cabins have music related names) which has an ensuite outdoor bathroom… have I ever mentioned how much I love an outside shower? Nothing beats showering while looking at the tropics and hearing all the birds and animals around.

Aside from this, it’s the most popular place in town for a hangout, with a whole calendar of events ranging from super cool pool parties, movie nights, Sunday brunch and even poker nights!!

4. Staff

The staff is friendly, and since they are all locals they’re a very good option for finding out local information. One of the two bartenders named Carlos ( both bar tenders are called Carlos….funny story they are friends and one recommended the other, so now you ask for Carlos and it could be either one) has a tour of the local village and I think it’s the only tour of its kind in Tofo.

Vicky, the front desk manager is phenomenal! She is very informative, helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is well taken care of. The place is very well taken care of and you can see staff constantly manicuring the common areas. The morning after the big end of season party I was shocked to find the pool and dining area completely spotless, like nothing had happened the night before.

My favorite touch, was that every morning the tables were beautifully set for breakfast under the big tree by the pool, it made me feel like I was home.

5. Social Responsability

I love nature, animals and the environment, and one fo the things that matters the most to me when visiting a place or partnering with another business is knowing they also care. Mozambeat is great in this department. All their straws are paper and biodegradable, they use locally sourced materials and up-cycle around the property. The products they use and promote are eco friendly, and the entire property is very green, not just in looks but in their practices. They make an effort to conserve energy, water and to decrease their plastic consumption as much as possible. They even offer free refillable glass water bottles in every room…This is something I loved seeing, especially because the level of comfort and pampering was never compromised. We even had bamboo toothbrushes in our ensuite bathroom!!!!!

I know traveling can be exhausting, and I know choosing among a million options is daunting, so I hope I’ve given you enough information (and reasons) to consider Mozambeat as your next lodging choice. Remember, no matter where you choose to stay, Tofo is a destination you absolutely MUST visit, especially if you love beaches, marine life, amazing cuisine and tropical vibes!

Do you have a criteria list a hotel/motel/hostel or airbnb must follow in order for you to consider it as your preferred choice of lodging? Leave me a comment below and let me know if there is something else I should be looking for!