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Hello, it’s so nice to see you here!

We are Marae, Roger and baby Alaska. We are a travel family who is always looking for new destinations to explore and more adventures to experience.

If you are a fellow creative, I would love to hear from you and possibly collaborate creating some beautifully and inspiring content!!

If you are a business, hotel, tourism board or any other brand that might fit in nicely with our work and benefit our audience, we’d love to hear from you.

In this page you will find all the necessary information should you wish to collaborate, partner or work with us in any way. The services listed below are limited to social media influencing and are only a few of many. Feel free to add your own ideas for partnerships and collaborations; we love expanding our creativity with new ideas.

To find out more about our story, interest, and past experience, please visit our About page.

If what you’re looking for is not here, please feel free to email us… or go to our contact page.

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