About Us

Hello and Welcome!

We are Marae, Roger and Alaska; lovers of all things making life worth living.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for making it to our blog, reading our stories and following along in our journey.

This life we currently have has been years in the making, and it is a manifestation of all our dreams.

The one writing the posts is Marae, originally from Cuba, and grew up between Miami, Berlin, Buenos Aires and San Francisco, CA.

I started traveling at the age of 16, when I moved to Germany for a year abroad. Since then my world completely changed, and along with it my priorities. Since I can remember I’ve traveled 2-4 months a year, to anywhere I could…. from nearby campgrounds on national parks to other continents. I’ve gone solo, accompanied, with family and even with my dogs…

After moving to Alaska for what I thought was a break from LA’s busy city life I met Roger. We fell in love with one another and this common dream of traveling. We realized we wanted to travel at least part time and after a bit of time doing corporate jobs, we tarted seeking seasonal jobs that would allow us to travel all around the US, and give us enough “free time” (and $$) to spend 5-7 months traveling abroad in the off season.

In September 2018 we made it a goal to start working online, and have since been traveling and concentrating on creating this blog, a youtube channel, and learning how to take/edit better pictures and create more beautiful content in hopes to inspire more of you to go see this beautiful world we live in. We also own a digital marketing agency where we help small businesses monetize their social media.

In June 2020 we welcomed our baby, Alaska. Since then our goal of traveling the globe has only grown stronger. In her short time here, she’s already visited 7 countries and lived in 4. Our goal is to show her as much of the world as we can.

We’ve visited 67+ countries and many cities, towns, states and islands, but our goal to see the entire world is far from accomplished. Our goal is to travel deeper, further and more authentically; and to help YOU do the same.

And you? What’s your story?