11 Holiday gifts ideas for travel moms

By Marae

Wether you are a travel mom or know a travel mom, we have arrived at the time of the year when we want to gift something to those we love so here are 11 Holiday gifts ideas for travel moms.



Let’s face it, nothing makes a better gift than the gift of travel itself. You don’t have to gift a week at an all inclusive either! You can gift parts of a trip or experiences at the destinations. From tours, dinners, or even nightly stays, gifting travel is becoming more popular and is a great way to let someone know how much you appreciate them and want to help them achieve their travel goals.

You can also gift miles, vouchers etc that can be turned into travel or experiences. To make this more thoughtful, we recommend you write something thoughtful to make it personal.

Companies like Travel Pirates always have good new travel deals, and that’s a good place to look if you plan on gifting someone a trip but don’t want to spend too much.

The Bali With Tots Bali Guide

Know a mom who dreams of visiting Bali? Even if she hasn’t said it, Bali is a great destination for all types of travelers and especially good for families. This super thorough travel guide will have you feeling like it won’t even be work to plan your next Bali holiday with the fam.

Luggage or Travel Bags

This may sound off, but travelers love and use nothing more than a good travel bag. Likely, a bag can make or break the trip experience, especially when taking long flights or taking complex trips with more than one destination or weather type. A good travel bag or luggage can be many different bags from carry on luggage to the right backpack, but it should be comfortable as well as reliable. 

Spa Treatments

If there is one thing you may need after a trip is a massage or facial, especially if you did said trip with littles. I can’t think of any mom who wouldn’t love a massage, especially after a long trip. If choosing the actual treatment is difficult, try getting them a voucher at a reputable Spa nearby, one on vacation (towards the end of the trip). Alternatively you can also get one of those spa days that combine several treatments along with some actual downtime for relaxation. For a budget option, try checking out Groupon or similar sites where you can find discounted treatments or deals. * but DO read the reviews of the service or place both on the Groupon site and on google to make sure you are not buying a crappy gift.

Compression Packing Cube

Packing is something us travelers spend a lot of time doing, therefore making it easier is a gift on its own. Packing cubes make packing and unpacking a breeze and compression packing cubes turn the whole ordeal to a whole new level. We swear by ours, especially when it comes to sorting out clothing for the whole family inside a luggage or at your destination.

Sleep Headphones

Sleeping on planes isn’t lovely, and every bit of comfort you can bring to that experience is super appreciated. These headphones are useful for several reasons: they block out light, you can listen to music or a podcast instead of plane noise, and they are cozy. They make a great gift for anyone who travels often (or needs to zone out the noise from home on a Sunday afternoon).

Personalized Jewelry

Even though this can be a very personal choice, it makes for a great gift for someone you know well. You can get the necklace and message in different metals and designs, but we are linking this cute and inexpensive one we found on amazon which would make a great stocking stuffer.

Apple AirTags

Anyone who travels a lot knows how annoying it is when you loose a bag. Apple’s new AirTags are the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot and checks in their bags. No more wondering if your bag will actually arrive while you’re on vacation or if it’s time to buy new clothes at your destination. This makes for 1 of our 11 Holiday gifts ideas for travel moms, and one we think practical moms will appreciate.

Wooden Wall World Map

If you know someone who loves to travel and has the wall space ( new office, redecorating dining area etc) this makes for a great gift. There are a wide selection of them online, and some options are even customizable. This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving as you continue returning to the map to attach pins or photos of your travels.

Polaroid or other Camera

For any artistic mom or a mom who loves capturing special moments with the family, a camera can be a useful addition to the travel gear. A polaroid  or film camera can also be great cute gifts that she will cherish. These ones are super cute and the InstaxMini is well known and reputable.

Bonus: Travel Presets

She’s just come back from a trip or getting ready for the next ones, and if she loves capturing memories she also loves looking at them. Why not gift her an all encompassing preset pack that will make all her favorite travel memories look like a coffee table book. You can get our Family Fun Travel Presets here!

We hope this list gave you some good ideas on what you can gift those around you and even yourself. Don’t forget you can always show this great list to your loved ones if you find an idea you love… you know so they know what you would like this year!

What makes a great gift for you?

Share your answer below and maybe other moms will get some ideas too.