Seaside Preset Collection


Our simple to use Seaside Mobile Presets collection for Lightroom is a simple, one click solution for your picture editing problems!


This preset pack is perfect for outdoors photo: sunny, bright, or even ones without too much sun. Our busy life as parents doesn’t allow us to always take photos in ideal moments of the day (sunset or sunrise). This is why we decided to design presets that allow our over exposed, silhuette, shadow filled and too bright photos to pop!

You can change the entire look of your photo with just one click, or you can learn how to edit your own by tweaking the preset further.

Keep in mind that even the presets designed for a specific type of image, are still a great starting point for many others. Just tweak away a few more details and you’re good to go.


Our Seaside preset Collection has 10 presets, which will be all you need to edit virtually any outdoor photo (works great for many indoors shots as well).

– ideal for outdoor photos

– great for underexposed photos

– stunning photos in seconds

– extremely easy to use with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App

– bright and high contrast images

– dramatic tones for a more deep look

– lifetime access



Leard how to INSTALL your presets here!

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