4 Proven Ways to Work & Travel

By Marae

4 Proven Ways to Work & Travel… that anyone can do!

So you can do this from anywhere in the world…(click on the picture for our instagram-lets be friends!!)

We get asked how we keep ourselves financially afloat while traveling more times than I can count, and so I have decided to write a blog post telling you all the fun ways I know to make a living while staying traveling.

First of all: GET ORGANIZED!  (I know it may look scammy or sales-y but I swear I’m using this and it’s made a HUGE difference! plus you can opt to JUST buy the planner, or simply make your own!) Ask yourself, is this something I really want to do? If so start by doing some planning. Nothing can keep you away from your goals once they’re staring at you daily. WRITE THEM DOWN!!!!! I have a hard time with distractions (oftentimes related to the initial plan itself).
To help me assure success AND accountability, I am using the Law of Attraction Planner. It’s not free but it’s SO worth it. I could’ve started by writing a book of ideas and plans and to do lists. Actually, I have done this so many times before. But the difference with the planner is that it guides you and avoids distractions by providing questions and exercises directed at figuring out your goals and action plan!

A sunset in Roche Harbor, WA

I’d like to say that no job is a bad job as long as it works for you. I think the most essential asset you have got to give yourself if you want to succeed in the traveling lifestyle industry/world is that of adaptability. 

Sure, you may not be able to keep your job from back home while on the road (although many people have and d0) however, you can certainly find work and make a living.

Seasonal work allows you to discover tons of natural wonders you’d regularly only spend a few days visiting.

1.Seasonal Work

I’m going to talk about this first because it is how we started. Roger and I met at a seasonal job in ALASKA!!!!! Talk about odds! We were both on a leap of faith trying a new summer adventure. And what an adventure it turned out to be! The particular job I was doing at the time I found through an acting casting call website in LA. Luckily, there are easier and more direct ways than getting such seasonal jobs ( even though a quick google search should show you hundreds of potential options).
My go to site has been cool works.
I will forever be grateful to cool works, as they helped me take the leap into making this a full time choice. I like cool works because they let you choose by state, national park, season etc. It has been helpful for us to find resort or tourism related jobs, even though I know people who have even done volunteering jobs with them. All the serving jobs we’ve done except for one or two have been found through cool works. More companies are learning about it too, which makes it a continuously growing source of jobs. It’s also a good place to J1 and J2 visa seekers or holders as many resorts and large companies hire seasonal foreign workers.

A “vacation” from our vacation. Exploring Alaska.

Pros: easy to use, easy to select state, season etc. Good for nature related jobs, naturalist, tourism industry and hospitality jobs.
Cons: Not many other fields of jobs available. Site doesn’t have a way to apply with one resume or login to several jobs thus making the application process somewhat lengthy.
Who Can do it/ What you need: Anyone can do this. Most resort jobs require little to no experience. Obviously there are some more advanced jobs too, for those that want to travel but keep growing or learning in their field. All you need is a computer for applying, a phone for a phone interview and the willingness to move!

Teaching abroad is one of the best ways to learn and appreciate a new culture.

2.Teaching English

I will say this: if you are a fluent english speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many other english speaking countries and you want to travel…DO THIS! It’s not only a good way to make money and travel, but a very rewarding way to give back and chance the pace of your life. Teaching abroad is life changing. I know many friends who have taught all the way from South Korea to Costa Rica and they have all raved about their experience.
Now, my issue with this subject is that there are a bunch of companies charging you to go teach abroad. YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY FOR A JOB! No matter who you are, where you’re from or anything else. Join any Facebook group related to teaching abroad and that alone will generate tons of job leads. Craigslist also has tons of posts looking for teachers ( even though some may not be the most legit).

Pros: learn about a different culture, meet new people, make a positive impact, learning about yourself and your ability to adapt. Good starting place.
Cons: you’re usually on a 6month to 2 year contract. But fear not, oftentimes you’ll be teaching in a completely new place you can definitely take your time discovering in those months/years. Also, airfare and travel is generally cheaper once you’re in the continent or closer.
Who Can do it/ What you need: Usually anyone that’s a native english speaker ( note I am not a native english speaker and I still qualify for most of those jobs. You just need a native level of english) Have a bachelors degree in any field( sometimes you can even get the jobs without a degree but the pay or teaching conditions may not be optimal).
I recommend you get a TEFL certification, which basically qualifies you to teach english as a second language. It’s easier and shorter than a 4 year degree, and it will help you understand teaching dynamics and expectations.  I got mine done online and it was a breeze!
Here’s the company I did it with. Their 120 hr advanced course is what I took, and it left me feeling like I could tackle a good size group of non english speaking kids.
You get 80% off if you book with my code: Buddy333194768n 

Imagine spending a year exploring a new culture or country?!!

3.Work and Travel Visa

This one may require a bit more research and paperwork, but I bet it is worth the effort! It’s perfect for anyone under 30 who wishes to experience life in another country. The most popular destinations and easier countries are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But i know many other countries like Ireland have their own version of this. Once again, this is something you should never pay for. (unless you want to have a service company arrange it all for you, which is surely a very convenient situation). A friend of mine applied for the New Zealand Visa and his paperwork was done within a week and ALL ONLINE!!!!So no excuses! If you want to live abroad and have a working experience, do a simple google search for work and travel visa and voila!!!

you get to fully live abroad and experience an entire different culture for a year. You’re allowed to work in the country which is a huge asset! You’re free to move around and work anywhere within the chosen country.
Cons: You have to be 30 or younger (with a few exeptions), you are generally required to move around as opposed to staying with just one job (but this is probably the best thing anyway, that way you can keep on traveling). Most countries require you have some funds to help guarantee you’re not going to be a burden while you find jobs. I have never met anyone who did this and did not enjoy it.

A working breakfast in Haifa, Israel

4.Remote Work

This one is extremely exciting for me, as I think it is the future. There are literally so many ways to work online, if I started naming them all it would have to be its own post. (I shall do this later) If you have any of the skills listed above, or a myriad of other ones; and  if you’d like to travel more, or just have more flexibility with your schedule WORK REMOTELY!!
There is no reason why you can’t do what you already do (and more!!!) from your computer sitting on a lounger with a fresh lemonade on your hand. And you don’t even have to want to travel either. This is great for stay at home parents or for people like me, who just like to look at their dogs all day…at home!
So far, these are sites I have found to be helpful to find remote work:

We Work Remotely

You can also join Facebook groups like Digital Nomad Coffee Shop where there is a forming and growing community of nomads and nomads-to-be.

And let’s not forget teaching English remotely. You can gasp. Companies like VIPKid and   SkooliPalfish (app only) Boxfish make it very super easy.
This article is very informative and let’s you sort apps based on pay rate, preferred english accent etc.

Pros: Anyone can do it. You can move as much as you’d like. Unlimited earning potential as you grow and create more opportunities for yourself. You could travel the rest of your life or stay at home in your underwear. Good way to communicate, engage with people from all over the world. Amazing way to grow your business and/or skills. IT’S THE FUTURE!!!
Cons: You need really good internet and a computer. Currently there are many more jobs for english speaking markets.
Who can do it/What you need: ANYONE!!!!! Fast internet/ computer and maybe a phone.

Now, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things… what do you do for remote work? Share your thoughts below.