Morning Routine for Successful Digital Nomads

Morning Routine for Successful Digital Nomads

By Marae

My Productive + Self Loving Morning Routine

Morning Routine for Successful Digital Nomads

For the past few years, I’ve been feeling like life is simply moving too fast. All this traveling and moving around has me feeling a little restless…

I am doing what I love, experiencing great moments, living it all up but yet i find myself dissatisfied, unmotivated, and unhappy. So, this year, I decided to slow down, take a closer look at myself and my habits and work on the routines I have created for myself and my well being.

That is, until I realized I had none.

All this traveling and shuffling around has left me so restless and “busy” I no longer have a self care routine. So it is time for a change!!!

I did a bit of research, soul searching and reading to create a morning routine that I believe will accomplish my goals of grounding myself, setting me up for success and getting this body moving. (do you ever have those days when you simply just CANT GET OUT OF BED!!?) Below is my routine, which I am sure I will adjust and change as I go along.

The times can be adjusted to fit your schedule, currently I work from home (and for many years I’ve worked mostly nights) so I can dedicate a few hours in the morning to myself. I have also discovered this is the best time for ME to accomplish anything as later in the day other priorities take precedence and it’s impossible to self convince that “meditation” is necessary. So I wake up earlier than I’d like to, but then I feel better than I have been.

What’s important with any routine is that it works for you and that YOU are able to hold yourself accountable for making it happen. This way you will start creating healthier habits, discipline and self trust.

6-8 am Wake up + Me time

  • Drink a full glass of water – to get your body cleansed and ready for a new day
  • 10 minutes meditation – new day new you, restart your mind
  • 10 minutes positive affirmation – you are amazing, worthy, loved, talented…remind yourself
  • 10 minutes visualization – what is the life of your dreams? what do you see in the future you are creating for yourself?
  • 10 minutes reading – it can be anything, but right now I am working no developing healthier habits so I am reading books that inspire thoughts and ideas
  • 10 minutes journaling – what are those thoughts and ideas the books are helping develop? what are my goals for the day?
  • Yoga – get that body moving!! I usually do 20 minutes but the time can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Morning Routine for Successful Digital Nomads The reason this is in a 2 hour slot is because sometimes life happens. Today for example, my dogs were extra cute and wanted to cuddle… and I am not one to push them away so I can meditate. So I hugged my puppies, took them out to the restroom, leisurely boiled some water while I set up for yoga, and continued. My initial idea was that it would all fit in 1hr, but who wants to rush through a morning routine of self care? I sure don’t.

8-9 am BLOG or creative activity of choice

It doesn’t have to be blogging that you do. For me, blogging is a creative outlet and also work, but the kind I enjoy. So pushing myself to blog every morning allows me to keep my work flow, helps me battle writer’s block, develops my skills (the more you do anything the better you will become at it) and it builds accountability. If I don’t finish today, I know tomorrow I have one more dedicated hour of JUST blogging. No phones, no other internet tabs open…. only a blank page, a cup of coffee and good old me with my thoughts. But you can do anything. It can be baking, painting, dancing….. the choice is yours.

Morning Routine for Successful Digital Nomads 9 am Begin work

By now, you should be feeling FABULOUS, energized, empowered, refreshed and ready to tackle your day!

The idea is that you ease yourself into your busy life, so you can be more productive, focused and so that your energy lasts longer. It’s also important to prioritize YOU. How often do you plan on  working out or a self love goal and end up not accomplishing it because something else “happened”?

The key is to put these self caring habits at the top of our priorities so we can make sure we are taken care of before we begin the day’s activities and demands. You can tweak this routine around, change the times, length of activity etc, but starting your mornings off with some self love, movement and grounding will certainly set you up for a successful day ahead.

Do you practice any self care routines? If so are they in the morning routine or evening times? Share some tips for a healthy mind and body while living on the road in the comment section below.