how to craft the perfect instagram bio

How to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

By Marae

how to craft the perfect instagram bio
How to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

In my opinion, the instagram bio is one of the most important elements on the app, so learning how to craft a perfect bio is essential if you’re using instagram for business.

I spent a lot of time learning and changing my bio, and I still do change it from time to time. But seeing the results a well crafted bio has brought me, has led me to truly understand its importance and value.

A well crafted Instagram Bio should:

how to craft the perfect instagram bio

There are a lot of opinions on what should and shouldn’t go on your bio, and some of it is a matter of opinion. For the sake of this article I want to clarify that I am only speaking to those using instagram for business. If you’re just using instagram for fun or engagement with friends, you can write whatever you’d like. If, however, you’re using instagram to attract your ideal client, crafting the perfect instagram bio will do wonders for your business.

The main question you should ask yourself is this: if I went to your profile right now, would it be obvious what you do? Is it clear who you serve? And what the promise you give your client is?

Let’s break it down further.

Profile Photo

I cannot stress enough how important this is. A random user should be able to tell what you do and who you are by just looking at your photo. I made the mistake of having a photo of a logo we were working on as our profile picture. We had it there for a long time. And it was no wonder I even had some brands ask me if that was my account. If you are a content creator, unless your brand is your focus, you should be the face of your company.

Make sure the photo represents you and your style of work. This is the first introduction brands, partner, and clients get to your work.

Your name

Your name or the name of your brand should be clearly stated. People want to know who you are, not just you’re username. Next to your name, it’s a good idea to tell them what you do.

Are you an influencer? Do you curate content? What sort of content? What business are you in?

Clearly state your NICHE next to your name. You can even do so with a hashtag and an emoji for a more fun appeal.

Read my blog post on how to find your instagram niche!

Business Category

If you haven’t yet, you should switch your account to business right away. Not only is this a good opportunity to gain insight into your work ( and see what works or doesn’t) but it allows others to find you as well. You’re doing yourself a disfavor by keeping your account private or as a personal account. If you’re a business, let the world know you are one. And make sure you showcase what kind of. business you do.

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This is the meaty part of your Instagram Bio. The tricky thing is that you’re only given 150 characters. That means they count spaces and emojis as well.

This is the vital part of your introduction, the part where you tell a stranger all they need to know about you. A lot of people waste this space with random personal facts or emojis. I like to use this for business. This means, if it’s not helping my business I am not including it there.

Your description should clearly state your niche, who you serve, what problem you solve for them, and what you’re promising.

Wether you’re a content creator or a lawyer, your business should have a purpose, a clientele, and a promise. This applies to real life as much as it does online.

Leave all the fluff out, and concentrate on the meat. On the part everyone wants to know. Think of this as your first introduction at a networking event. You’re not there to know people’s lives. Our goals is to know what everyone else does to see if it’s worth having a business relationship.

Who do you serve?

If you try to help everyone you will help no one. Get specific. Who is your audience? Is it new moms? Is it single women trying to purchase their new home? Don’t try to grasp a bigger slice of the pie by being general. Specificity wins every time. Talk to one person and one person only. Many will come to listen anyway, but focusing on one person will make your content (and you) stand out.

What problem are you solving?

If you’re a new mom blogger, what do you concentrate on? Is it sustainable diapering? Maybe you help those wanting to work and be a mom balance things better. Perhaps you are a fitness instructors for people with diabetes. What specific problem do you solve for your audience. Something broad will not work, even if it might seem more attractive at first.

What is your promise?

Think of this as your business motto. I help first time moms loose weight while spending more time with their family. I help small business owners with disabilities create profitable online funnels.


Get in the habit of asking your audience for actions. Right under your description you have space for a link. This link can be anything, but it works best when it’s specific and niche. A lot of people have Link trees and tap links where they showcase a million links. It is my experience that the more options you give someone, the less they make a decision.

So what would you like your audience to do next?

Maybe it’s reading your blog on XYZ or maybe it is subscribing to your newsletter. Perhaps you’re growing your youtube channel and you’d like them to subscribe. Or try offering a freebie in exchange for their email so you can start a relationship with them.

Whatever you do, use the space wisely

Check out my instagram to see how I craft my bio!

How to craft a perfect instagram bio shouldn’t be rocket science. A lot of us have been using Instagram for leisure for so long, it’s hard to make this transition, but now you know what to look for, get crafting!

Remember to still be personable, genuine, and honest. The last thing you want is people reading one thing and finding your profile caters to an entirely different niche or audience.

Above all, have fun with it, and remember nothing is permanent. You can change your bio as many times as you’d like.

Do you feel like your instagram bio is well crafted? If so do you feel like it hits all these points?