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How To Have A Virtual Baby Shower

By Marae

How To Have A Virtual Baby Shower

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How to have a virtual baby shower – the solution to expecting mothers in a global pandemic. (I also think it’s a great solution for those of us who have loved ones all over the world).

We had to cancel our baby shower last minute, so we decided to host a virtual baby shower instead. Best. Decision. Ever!

Below I will spill the beans on the amazing company we chose, how easy they make it for us mothers planning our own last minute showers, and a DISCOUNT CODE you can use for your own virtual baby shower.

Cancelled Baby Shower

After our Babymoon trip to Hawaii earlier this year, we started debating wether we should have a baby shower in the east coast or west coast of the USA. We were not, however, planning to have a virtual baby shower. Roger’s family lives mostly in Los Angeles area, and mine is mostly in Florida. We planned on having one in Miami mid April, and flying to Los Angeles a week later to celebrate with our loved ones over there. But then the coronavirus outbreak happened, and everything changed.

With half the world on lockdown because of a global pandemic our baby shower plans were cancelled. Needless to say I was extremely bummed out about this, not just because I would no longer have a chance to celebrate the coming of my baby, but because I was really looking forward to seeing and connecting to everyone. A few weeks ago I was enjoying a second Babymoon in Puerto Rico, and now here I was, desperately looking for a baby shower venue.

I started frantically looking online for solutions. A lot of articles I read recommended facebook groups, zoom calls etc. But they all felt lacking to me. A lot of family and friends aren’t well versed in the facebook world. Some others don’t feel safe using facebook. And “zoom…. what is zoom?” I could hear some people asking this already.

It was then I stumbled upon WebBabyShower.com (Use code BRAVEFREETRAVEL for 10% off)


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Choose a site. In our case the site we chose is WebBabyShower because it is designed exclusively for virtual baby showers. The site is pretty straight forward. You can choose one of two options. A baby shower. Or a baby shower plus baby’s first year. Either Option comes equipped with a myriad of customizable options. The setup is simple and our whole experience with it has been simply great.


The price difference matters in terms of wether you’d like to have your shower page for longer so you can cover the first year of your baby’s life. Wether you choose the baby shower ($79) or shower + 1 year ($129) option, the site comes equipped with everything you can possibly need to host your own baby shower experience online.


virtual baby shower solution - giraffe theme baby shower What’s included?

A selection of games, an area to guess the birth date, and even a guestbook are provided. The site also comes equipped with a private video gallery and a photo gallery. You can share video and photo updates of your growing bump, ultrasound photos and videos, and even little snippets of your doctor visits. I specifically loved this feature because we wanted to keep some of our baby updates private.

You can setup a zoom or Skype call, or you can let the site free flow. For a while we were not sure if we wanted to do a free flow type of shower or a set time and date. I thought it would be difficult to schedule everyone together at one time and date. But then I realized most people wanted to see us live. So we decided to have the site set up, and add an optional “baby shower time” where whoever wanted could jump on a zoom call and see us live.

There is a Gift Registry page compatible with any registry out there. And you get unlimited email and facebook invitations. Actually, you can invite anyone you’d like by just sharing the link to your shower. 


online baby shower themeSetting up your online baby shower

The entire site is customizable, from invitation to background and even the games you make available to your guests.

Once you’ve picked your plan, all you have to do is choose how you’d like it customized. They take care of everything, including themes, games, gallery etc. I set mine up in about 30 minutes, and you can always add more content as you go such as new photo and video updates.

There is a varied selection of themes and backgrounds you can use for the site itself and the invitation.

Each category has a separate tab, so nothing feels cluttered. The site loads super fast, and guests can choose from the menu bar where they’d like to navigate to next.  A baby registry tab lets you zinc any registry you have setup, and makes it super easy to share your registry without having to send links to everyone.



If you’re an expecting mother, a friend or relative of an expecting mother, or anyone wanting to celebrate the coming of a new baby in today’s crazy world, there is a solution! Live far from your loved ones? Don’t feel like setting up a very complicated baby shower? This is for you! If you’re shy, feeling tired, or simply don’t want a big party with lots of attention, Web Baby Shower is a great idea, and a virtual baby shower is just the solution many of us need right now!

We’ve had a fantastic experience with them so far, and I have loved being able to interact and share with everyone I love; far and near.

We’ve contacted the owners of WebBabyShower.com and they’ve generously offered all our readers 10% off any plan of your choosing. All you have to do is write the code “BRAVEFREETRAVEL” in your check out cart and the discount will be applied.

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Now tell me, how are you celebrating the coming of your baby? And what are some of your favorite baby shower games?
Tell me in the comments below!