How to Install and Use Presets on Lightroom Mobile

By Marae

How to Install and Use Presets on Lightroom Mobile

So you’ve purchased our awesome SEASIDE Preset Collection, but now how do you install and use the presets on the Lightroom mobile app?

Fear not, here is a step by step guide.

Our BFT Mobile Preset Pack is a simple, varied pack for the beginner who wants to have options to quickly photos. We have a bit of everything to ensure a good editing range. Please keep in mind not all photos will look the same under any one preset. However, the preset is designed to simplify the editing process. Most outdoor and well lit inside shots will look great with our BFT Mobile Preset Pack.

Step 1: Download the Lightroom Mobile App

This is a free app, and without it none of this is possible. The app is available on your App Store and looks like this.

How to edit and use presets on Lightroom mobile app

Step 2: You will need to unzip the files

In order to download the files, you will need to Unzip them first. Use the app WinZip or iZip (IOS or Android).

Open the unzip app and locate your files which should’ve downloaded into your phone. Once you click on the files it will download and open them.

Then you will open the files in iZIP

Click  each file and you should see it turn into a .DNG underneath

After you click on it, you should see this screen

Once you get to this code, you will click on “OPEN IN” at the bottom left of the screen

Once all  your  files  are  DNG  you  will  click  on  them  one  by  one and click on “OPEN IN” in the far left corner of the screen.

When this pop up appears click Launch Lightroom Now

This will prompt up a menu bar like pictured below, and you will click on the Lightroom app icon.   


If you have a computer handy, download the ZIP file on your laptop and double-click to unzip it. That should create a folder of the same name with the DNG image files inside.

Now you need to transfer the DNG files to your phone via Dropbox or any other method you prefer. 

Step 3: Import Presets into Lightroom App

If you followed the steps above, you should now have the Lightroom App launched on your phone and the picture in DNG format should appear in your Lightroom library

If you go into your photo stream and see them as blank picture files, worry not! – that’s how they should look.

  • Click on the photo that just downloaded

Click on the top three dots … on the far right corner next to the cloud. Make sure the photo finished loading so you get the preset loaded

  • Once the three dots open, click on Create Preset

Once you click on Create Preset this screen should come up. Make sure you unblock geometry and optics at the bottom as this is usually your cropping options and you won’t want to crop all the photos the same.

When you’re done, hit the check mark on the top far corner. We highly suggest you title your presets and place them under a folder, this way you will have them organized for easier finding later on.

If you’d like to start your preset collection, here is our BFT Mobile Preset Pack which is a great beginner mobile preset collection for fast editing!

Step 4 : Edit with your presets

Once you’ve saved the preset in your Lightroom app folder ( I highly recommend you make a folder and title them so you know where to find it) it’s time to get editing!

Grab any photo from your library in Lightroom or import one from your camera roll

Grab a photo from your library and scroll the bottom menu all the way to the right hand side. Click on Presets

Choose your preset from whichever menu you have the preset saved under ( this is why it’s important to title and save them in specific folders)

Click on whatever preset you want to use. In this case we are using the CLARITY preset from our BFT Preset Mobile Pack

You are done. If you like the photo as it is you are good to go. If you’d like you can go and tweak the lighting, colors, effects or play with other presets as well.

This is also a good way to create your own presets as something that works for me might not entirely work for you, but might get you closer to your ideal look. If you edit this preset and end up with something you love even more that you would like to use for other photos of yours, you can save the new preset and start your own collection.

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What do you think? Are you a fan of presets?

Even though not all presets work for all photos, we love using them for quick edits and on the go photo altering. Which one of the BFT Mobile Lightroom Preset pack is your favorite?