One Day Puerto Rico Road Trip Itinerary

By Marae

One Day Puerto Rico Road Trip Itinerary
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Puerto Rico Road Trip Itinerary Stop, Playa Sucia


For our second day on the island we decided a one day Puerto Rico Road trip was a great way to enhance our itinerary and create some content. We would drive from San Juan to Rincon through the south of the island, which meant driving north to south and then across the entire south until reaching the west. Then, we would drive up the west coast all the way to Rincon.

Our goal was to stop in Guayama, Ponce, Cabo Rojo, and end in Rincon. We were going to spend two days at the beautiful Lazy Parrot Inn so we figured we’d make a content day and stop around the island for beautiful pictures and to discover.

We were wondering if it would be worth all that drive, but we were curious to find out. Our Check in was not until 3pm and in the interest of finding the best places for content creation ( aka seeing the most beautiful spots on the island ) we decided to try.

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The crazy thing about Puerto Rico is that for such a small island, it is incredibly diverse. While driving south we saw some crazy mountain ranges and lush forest. Then, upon reaching the south, it was almost like a desert. And once we got to the west, it was an entirely different vibe with deserted beaches and cute little towns.

Road Trip Stop #1 : Guayama

After deciding to grab some breakfast before departing, we left San Juan area at 9am.

I had kept in contact with the rental car clerk, Rosa. She was super sweet and helpful so I asked her for tips on where to stop. She told me that Guayama did not have much to see, but that it was a beautiful place.

We reached Guayama around 11am. It’s a small little fishing town, with not much to see except for a natural reserve/park that seemed to be closed off to the public. On our way to find it though, we spotted this little restaurant/ boat launch area and decided to stop there for some food.

The place was basically deserted except for a family that was going off boating.

We ate some fritters, had some coffee and walked around for a bit. Then we took some photos and were on the way.

One thing to note about the south of the island though, is that it is considerably hotter than the north, so prepare!

Puerto Rico road trip stop

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Road Trip Stop #2 : Ponce

Ponce is Puerto Rico’s second largest city, and even though we are not big fans of cities, we wanted to stop here for two reasons. First of all, it was a nice break point from Guayama to Cabo Rojo (where we were headed next). Also, their downtown is absolutely beautiful with colonial buildings, and a gorgeous cathedral.

We knew we wanted to stop here for photos, and even though we did not do much more than this, it was well worth it.

Ponce reminds me a lot of my hometown of Guantanamo, Cuba. The streets are small and the houses all look like cakes, painted in different pastel colors.

My lady of Guadalupe Cathedral though, steals the show. The building is currently still under restoration from the damage of the hurricane, but even from outside one can admire how gorgeous it is. In front of it, there is a park with lots of shade. So you can just sit and transport yourself to another time.

Road Trip Stop # 3: Playa Sucia, Cabo Rojo

In the southern most, western most tip of the island, there is a lighthouse ( which was also closed for restoration during our visit) and right next to it, a beach unlike any beach I’ve ever seen. The beach is next to some salt flats, and maybe this is what makes it so unique.

The locals have been calling this beach Playa Sucia for years, but there seems to be some debate about its actual name being Playuela. Either way, it is off a little dirt road, but easy to find with a gps or google maps.

This is my favorite beach on the island, as the water is absolutely pristine, it never seems to be too crowded, and the vibe is just surreal. There is nothing fancy here, just nature and the ocean, but to us, this is paradise.

I came here years ago, and to this day I remember it as being my favorite beach on the island. Returning to it and finding it just as it was made me very happy.

After lounging around for an hour or so, it was time to go….get some food!

Puerto Rico road trip stop, playa sucia

For whatever reason, we have no pictures from our lunch, so here is another one in Playa Sucia

Road Trip Stop # 4: Lunch at UIKU de BORINKEN

Off the side of the road, right before getting into the highway to start driving to Rincon, I spotted this little place. I immediately looked it up online for reviews and saw the reviews were great. One neat thing happening in Puerto Rico right now, is the emergence of small businesses and microbreweries.

The Vibe

When we arrived at Uiku, they were just opening for the day, yet the owner was incredibly friendly and welcoming. We love supporting local businesses especially when they are this great!

The Food!!

Aside from being a delicious place to eat, they offer an array of local artisan beers, veggie friendly food, and he made me the best virgin mojito I’ve ever had.We had a vegan burger and according to Roger, the best mofongo (Puerto Rican style mashed plantain) of his life.


If you’re ever in the area, or headed to Playa Sucia, this would be a phenomenal place to stop and grab a bite to eat.

There is no food and no vendors in playa sucia. It is also about 15-20 min away from the nearest venue so eat beforehand!

Final Road Trip Stop : Rincon – The Lazy Parrot Inn

The drive north to Rincon is not that long, but it is on a smaller road so it does get tiring. We arrived in Rincon almost at sunset time, but even at this time, we could see the vibe here was something else.

Rincon has a large expat community and it’s one of the most beautiful places on the island for watching the sunset.

The Lazy Parrot Inn is a cute, eco conscious hotel in Rincon which stole our hearts. We left hugging everyone in the front desk, to give you an idea of the experience we had there. Some of our best meals ever were had here, and even though it is quite centrally located, it feels like you’re secluded in the mountains.

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Was it worth it?

Our one day Puerto Rico road trip itinerary was packed! Driving all day can be exhausting, but it does not feel too bad when you are stopping along the way. Additionally, we love being inspired by a place and creating content so for us, this trip was a treat!
I would say it is definitely worth it, but if I had limited time, maybe I would skip either Ponce or Guayama and cover the rest of the places.

What do you think? Is this a good road trip for one day? 

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