Become a Digital Nomad

The Perfect Opportunity to Become a Digital Nomad

By Marae

Opportunity to Become a Digital Nomad

If you’ve been following the news lately, you have heard of the state of the world. I am sure you are well aware of everything going on,  regarding the current pandemic that has knocked us off our horses…but I am here to tell you: THERE ARE GOOD NEWS!

The good news I have are simple:

There has never been a better time to become a DIGITAL NOMAD

Or start working from home, or start your online business, or simply transition online. 

For many of us, the idea (or dream) of working from home was a far away one; Until the world shifted a few months ago, and jobs started magically finding ways to let employees work from home. Sure, we can’t yet jump on a plane and fly to some exotic destination. And we can’t work from the beach or a poolside in Bali. However, we can certainly prepare for that. If you are one of the lucky few who have maintained their jobs by transitioning to online work, GREAT. If you are, however, in the large pile of unemployed, confused, and ready to find a solution for this new life we’re living, there is no better time.  Make that transition into the online marketplace!

Sure, you could find many jobs online and continue working for someone else >>> you can read my article on proven ways to work online and travel here>>> but if you are joining the wave of individuals using this as an opportunity to finally live your dream of a career, or maybe your own business online, I have some useful information to share.

Many companies are offering help and relief to those looking for answers, and it is in the form of FREE EDUCATION. That’s right, FREE classes! And if free or deeply discounted classes were not enough of an incentive before, they better be now, with all the available time that has just freed up in all of our schedules. 

5 great sites offering FREE classes in hundreds of subject, many which are very sought after in online industries.

(click the picture below and you will be redirected to download) 


There you have it. Wether you’ve ran out of shows to watch or finally have the time to learn something new, this is for you. All of these sites are great for learning some new skills that are very sought after in the online world.

What will you learn first? Tell me in the comments below if you use or have used any of these platforms for learning online.