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Our Puerto Rican Babymoon – Day 1 (video)

By Marae

Puerto RicanOur Puerto Rican Babymoon – Day 1

After visiting Hawaii in January two things were evident to us: Puerto Rican 

1 – I was not “pregnant looking enough” for a pregnancy photo shoots yet.

2- We needed to spend more time in the water aka visit another island!

We started looking for deals and opportunities, and stumbled upon a super good flight to Puerto Rico. I had visited Puerto Rico many years ago. But Roger and I had never been there together. I remember trying to make this decision, and a voice inside my head screaming YES! Puerto Rico is not just a beautiful place. The people there are so nice they make you fall in love with the island.

The flight was booked and then it was time to fill our week with exciting activities. We decided to do as many excursions/go on as many adventures as we could. We figured this would probably be one of the last trips we’d be able to take. Especially one where we’d both be physically able to do things. We were right! (stupid cover-19)

Puerto RicanThe Plan of Puerto Rican

Our first choice was to visit El Yunque National Forest, which is the only place of its kind in the Caribbean. Also, we wanted to enjoy the island as much as possible. We had rented a car for the week, but most of our time was spent in the west and north of the island. I knew the east had beautiful things to see as well, and a good fried had recommended Fajardo Bio Bay. Puerto Rico is one of the few places on earth where you can see bioluminescence, and Vieques (a small island off the main Puerto Rican Island) is ideal for this. However, we did not think one week would suffice to venture off to Vieques and back without leaving us feeling a bit rushed.

Luckily for us, we discovered Puerto Rico Access Tour. PR Access Tours is a locally owned and operated tour company offering tours of BOTH el Yunque Forest AND the Bioluminescent Bay. IN ONE DAY! We wanted to go to the bay at night too, to increase our chances of visibility.


Puerto Rican The Tour of Puerto Rican

We started the day early at around 9am. They picked us up straight from our airbnb, and drove us to the Yunque. Once there, we hiked up to ghost tower, got extensive information on both the flora and fauna, and even visited the oldest pool inside the forest. We got to see a waterfall, and ended the Yunque visit with a swim in the cleanest river I’ve ever swam in.

After the rainforest, we went to get some local food at some food stands in Luquillo, and then we were left at the beach to rest and enjoy. After a few hours, we were picked up again and taken to Bio Bay in Fajardo, and this is where we had one of the most magical kayaking experiences of our lives.

Watch the video to see our entire day…. a Babymoon success!


Overall this was a very tiring day, but one we would not have chosen to do any other way. It was great being able to combine the biggest attractions in the east in one day. It was also great being taken everywhere so we did not have to worry about directions. Even though hiking el Yunque was challenging in my pregnant state, it felt amazing reaching the top. If there is anything I would alter, it would be better visibility in Bio Bay.  When we visited it was not the best season for the bio bay. But nature can’t be controlled, and even though we did not see crazy colors, the sunset kayak was unforgettable.

Access Tour PR made us feel amazing the entire day. The tour guide was knowledgeable, the driver was incredible and the actual places we visited were absolutely the best!

The cherry on top? Getting to bathe in that river. I grew up in a part of Cuba that has lots of rivers, and I went a lot as a kid. But I had never experienced water so clear, so cold, and so soothing.

Have you ever bathed in a clean river? What are your favorites? 
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