Baby moon vacation

Reasons Cruise is Best Vacation Idea For Baby moon!

By Marae

Baby moon vacation

Cruise is the best vacation idea for a Baby moon

In January we went on a cruise to Hawaii as our Baby moon vacation. We wanted something fun, new, relaxing and effortless. We thought this was going to be a great idea because among other things: I am a travel agent, and my job is to review my vendors so I can better assist my clients. So when I got offered a cruise anywhere, I was quick to settle on a 15 days Hawaiian cruise.

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Immediately after booking it though, I became so afraid I would not enjoy it. I was afraid of the amount and quality of food. The length of it scared me. Above all, I was afraid such a long vacation would not be enjoyable. But boy, was I wrong!

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So without further introduction, here are 5 reasons I think a cruise is the best vacation idea for a Babymoon.

Baby moon vacation1. They’re effortless: plan one thing have everything taking care of!

Probably my favorite aspect  of the cruise, is how effortless it is.

What makes it so effortless?

  1. You get a daily schedule of activities delivered to your stateroom every night. (You actually can even see this on the Princess app every single day as well, wether you have purchased an internet package or not!)
  2. All of your belongings are in one place for the entirety of your baby moon vacation!!!!
    I love adventure travel, but with my growing bump, it gets more tiring by the day to lug things around. Cruising guarantees you have your own room, a closet, and all your belongings in the same place, no matter how many destinations you visit.
  3. You don’t have to worry about planning much of your itinerary once you’ve booked your cruise. Aside from deciding on excursions, they pretty much make sure you have lodging, food, activities and transportation all taken care of.


Baby moon vacation 2. They’re easy going/ relaxing

This might seem obvious, but the purpose of a cruise truly is for you to relax. A lot of vacations end up feeling like work for us. We return home exhausted and feeling like I need another break. With a cruise, you sometimes have several sea days, in which there is little to do except for lounging around, treating yourself to the spa, going to the pool, reading a book and eating! It might seem indulgent, but when you’re pregnant and feeding 2, it’s absolutely wonderful!!

If you want to partake on activities you can. You’d like to get off the ship? No problem!
Want to spend all day in your room? Have it your way.
It’s the most easy going vacation ever!

They also all have at least several pools, jacuzzis, a spa, a library, etc. So all your relaxing activities are put together in one really tall floating building ensuring you can get to it with little to no effort.

3. Unlimited amounts of food

I actually used to really dislike how much food there was on cruise. Actually, I used to dislike the idea of cruising altogether! But this was before I discovered cruises with good food quality. Or before I was pregnant! Now that I’m eating every 45 min to 2 hrs (seriously the hunger never ends!!!) nothing is nicer than having food readily made for me anytime I wanted.

What’s best, we got to enjoy different cuisines, great customer service, and I got to forget about cooking or preparing meals for 2 whole weeks! It was absolute bliss! And baby seemed to really enjoy the surplus.


4. Plenty of opportunity to connect with others who have already had kids

This was surprising, but with the cruise demographic being predominantly older folk (many whom are already retired) I found that many people are eager to engage in friendly conversation. I found this to be of incredible value. First of all, it was great fun: we got to meet and talk with folks from all walks of life and all corners of the world.

But mostly, I found this of incredible value as a first time mom. Many women on a cruise are mothers and grandmothers and it really was great being able to get ideas, tips, and really good advice from many experienced moms. I met a lady who went skiing in her 7th month of pregnancy. I was so happy to hear her stories. She had 5 kids and a life of adventure with her husband and her family. She inspired my husband and I to continue traveling and being adventurous post baby.

Most people on cruises are avid travelers, many who cruise now because they are older and it is just more comfortable. Being able to hear their stories was incredibly inspiring for us.

Baby moon vacation5. Plenty of opportunities to dress up 

With a growing belly and an ever changing body (and needs) getting dressed up is a struggle! It was such a nice treat to get to wear dresses and fancy outfits on gala nights! I felt like I was somewhere new every night, and I had not worn high heels since I got pregnant. The best part is that since the distances are so short, I did not have to worry about my feet hurting halfway through the night.

I did my hair, put make up on, wore nice things I never get to wear now that we live in Florida, and overall felt like a girl out in the city for an entire 2 weeks. I even got to showcase my tan!

Normally, if I have to dress up around where I live I think twice. The last thing I want to do is spend half my day getting dressed up for a 30 minute outing from which I will return exhausted. Being in a cruise, close to the action, and with ample time to get dolled up was a treat!


Cruising may not be for everyone, but I absolutely loved it as our Baby moon vacation! I cannot think of a better way to spend some time loving yourself and your partner right before your life completely changes. And choosing a cruise with plenty of sea days truly was a treat I did not expect. Yay for cruising as a Babymoon vacation!

What cruising experience have you had? Are you a fan of cruises? Why or why not?
Tell me in the comment section below!