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Experience Sharing Series: Being a Digital Nomad 101

Hi. My name is Marae, and I want you to travel the world and be a digital nomad! For the last six years, I have lived a life many dreams of 6 months traveling around the world and the other six months working. However, I realized, the reason others don’t live the dream that I do is that they don’t know how to. So along […]

5 Reasons I loved Lesotho and think you will too…

I loved Lesotho and think you will too… Visiting Lesotho came as an afterthought to us. We hadn’t initially planned for it, and after asking around, it occurred to us we should add it to our itinerary since we like nature and hiking. We had met some people from Lesotho in our trips to South Africa and had heard from locals and visitors alike that […]

Viaje a Swazilandia / Eswatini: lo que hicimos + video

Viajar a Swazilandia / Eswatini: lo que hicimos Swazilandia es el país más pequeño del hemisferio sur y uno de los últimos reinos que quedan en África. Fue el último país en nuestro viaje por el sur de África, y estábamos muy emocionados de ver de qué se trataba este pequeño reino. Condujimos allí directamente desde Santa Lucía en la costa de Sudáfrica, después de […]

Traveling to Swaziland/ Eswatini – what we did + video

Traveling to Swaziland/ Eswatini – what we did   Swaziland is the smallest country in the southern hemisphere, and one of the last remaining Kingdoms in Africa. It was the last country in our southern Africa trip, and we were so excited to see what this tiny kingdom was all about. We drove there straight from ST Lucia in the coast of South Africa after we […]

Discovering Lesotho: A hiker’s nature lover’s paradise

Discovering Lesotho: A hiker’s and nature lover’s paradise Lesotho is a beautiful country filled with endless activities for those who enjoy nature and the wild side of things. Our time was spent in Ribaneng, and we enjoyed hikes, waterfalls, local cuisine, cultural dances and so many sunrises and  accompanied by free roaming turkeys. Watch the video below for a better glimpse of this beautiful country. […]