Cavadee 2019: inside Mauritius’ most colorful festival + Video

By Marae

In January 2019 we spent two weeks in an island I had been dreaming of visiting for over 10 years: Mauritius. Needless to say, this was not only a dream come true, but an opportunity I did not think would come until much later in life.

Mauritius was everything I had dreamed of, and more. It’s an incredibly diverse place, filled with friendly people with a strong cultural background and amazing sights to go along with it all.


While there, we were advised by some friends we made to go witness this incredible festival, and though we were initially enticed by the offerings of food and juice, we quickly realized how special and unique this experience truly was.

Cavadee is a festival, where people belonging to the Tamil religion practice and offer a recitation of prayers, flowers and sandalwood alongside burning of camphor to implore Lord Muruga’s grace. Along with these offerings, the devotees also pierce their bodies and faces, after a purging 10 day fast.

We were lucky enough to presence and even partake in one of the island’s most exciting festivals alongside some very kind and welcoming locals… and here is our video of Thaipusam Cavadee in Mauritius in 2019.

What do you think?
Have you ever witnessed or experienced anything like this?
Would you ever piece your face in such a manner??