Traveling to Swaziland/ Eswatini – what we did + video

By Marae

Traveling to Swaziland/ Eswatini – what we did


Swaziland is the smallest country in the southern hemisphere, and one of the last remaining Kingdoms in Africa. It was the last country in our southern Africa trip, and we were so excited to see what this tiny kingdom was all about.

We drove there straight from ST Lucia in the coast of South Africa after we had gone SHARK DIVING in Umkoomas, so even though we were excited, we had already enjoyed some pretty epic experiences and we did not put a lot of pressure on this part of the trip being epic…well it was! That’s the beauty of travel, it literally surprises us every. single. time.

In many ways, Swaziland felt like an extension of South Africa, (especially in the capital Mbabane) but in many others, it was completely different. Swaziland does not feel like Lesotho at all, even though they’re both land locked countries, and just like in Lesotho, driving around was pretty straight forward coming from South Africa.

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We spent the beginning of our week in a private lodge in Royal Jozini Game Reserve and it was some of the most peaceful yet visually captivating stays I’ve enjoyed in my life. Everything from the staff to the amenities; but especially the views were absolutely amazing.

We slept with our doors open and felt Africa come alive all through the night. It was absolutely amazing waking up with the sunrise seeing warthogs and other animals drinking water from the waterhole directly in front of our room. There was only wildlife and land in front of us, not one other human or building…. it felt like Africa felt in my dreams!

We spent our days going on self guided safaris inside Royal Jozini reserve in search of elephants, giraffes and other wildlife. We were especially successful our last day (of course) when we saw just about every animal you could find in this reserve, including elephants!! WILD ELEPHANTS!

After our first few days, we did another road trip north to the capital of Mbabane and enjoyed a few more days in Emafini Lodge where we relaxed by the pool, enjoyed city life and discovered the amazing crafts markets surrounding the area.

Swaziland was a fun country, and our only regret was not doing more hikes.

Check out our video below!


What did you think? Would you visit Swaziland?