Marakele Animal Sanctuary – We are caged and the lions are free + Video

By Marae

Marakele Animal Sanctuary is in the northwest of South Africa, about 3hrs north of Johannesburg. The Sanctuary is doing a great job rehabbing and taking care of wildlife that would otherwise not stand a chance, and when you visit they let you explore the wildlife and get up close and personal with them.

My personal favorite were the monkeys, I did not know they were so friendly. However, they have so many species in the sanctuary, that you really get a diverse look at the true African wildlife.

I will always vote for these kinds of experiences over Zoo’s, where animals are kept in captivity.

Even the lion’s enclosures are so large they can get away from your sight and find their own peace and quiet. When we went on their feeding trip ( which happens twice a week ) the animals were seen grabbing their meals and hiding in the woods.

At night, we slept in tents next to the lions ( don’t worry, there was always a big fence between us) and I had the pleasure to go walk next to the lions before I went to bed. At one point, the biggest lion was walking right next to me, from inside his enclosure and I had not even noticed. Lions are nocturnal creatures, but they’re also very quiet when they want to be.

Mid night thought, it was a totally different experience, as they were heard roaring almost non stop through the night. It also rained and thundered that night… and all my wild safari dreams came true. ♥️

Have you been to an African Safari? If so, what was your experience like?

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