Egypt First Impressions

Egypt: First Impressions of me and my husband!

By Marae

Egypt First Impressions:

Egypt First Impressions

Egypt  was a HUGE bucket list item for us, mostly because my significant other loves history and had dreamt of visiting the pyramids since forever. It was our first African country and this market a great milestone for my travel life: I had now been to all 5 continents (although only to Fiji in Oceania). 

That being said, we were disappointed by the amount of trash, the corruption and the food.

If you know me and my hubby, you know we love to eat, and we truly struggled to find good meals in Egypt, both in Cairo and in Hurgada. (someone tell me this has changed since 2016).

BUT nonetheless, it remains a country we wish to re-visit, and one I think everyone should go to at least once.

My hope is that as Cairo becomes more well known amongst people that care about the environment, conservation and human rights, it will also evolve into a more modern, more inclusive and friendlier (both for females and the environment) place.


The good:

  • The pyramids are amazing to see
  • The archeological museum houses the most impressive collection of Egyptian history, sphinxes and mummies I have ever seen
  • Hurgada has some of the best diving… ever. Clear water, friendly people and an underwater world that’s absolutely amazing!
  • The few locals we got talk and connect to were very friendly.
  • Al- Azhar park is stunning, clean and very relaxing

The Bad:

  • Trash everywhere, literally.
  • Women are incredibly oppressed and I was able to speak to only 1 woman in my entire trip. Every time I ordered at restaurants I was ignored until my husband ordered instead.
  • The Archeological museum is very disorganized, and many of the artifacts have no information with them. Children are seen climbing statues, and it’s fairly rundown.
  • Corruption is everywhere. Local guides are demanded bribes to operate in the Pyramids and for a bribe you can do anything from climbing on the pyramids to avoiding entrance fees etc. At hotels on the coast we had “managers” come and bribe us to get us “cheaper” alcohol and good.
  • The resorts on the coast are very rundown.

Egypt First Impressions

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Please note, these are only my impressions of a country after visiting it for about 10 days. I still wish to go back and see so much more of it. I wish the historical sites were better kept and that the way they deal with trash changed, but the beauty of travel is observing and learning about other cultures. Every place has its charm.

Have you been to Egypt? What was your egypt first impressions?