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Life in the French Alps- Video

Life in the French Alps We spent a month in Les Houches, French Alps and we made a small video depicting some of the best things to do around. Our month was mostly spent working, and (if i’m honest) praying for snow… which came very very late in our stay. Nonetheless, it was a great experience. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the alps every day, […]

Life, Love, Work

Aside from learning a new job, meeting new people, and discovering the mountains, I found myself doing an awful lot of self work the summer of 2013. I never intended to do this work, it just kind of happened. With long hours and the fear of failing both in the personal and work world, emotions were high. I had just ended a 5 year relationship, and […]

An Airport encounter

If someone would’ve told me 5 years ago that I would fall in love with a far away land of seemingly endless winters and long summer days, I probably would’ve laughed. You see, I’m an island girl…and true to my roots, I love sun, beach, sand and tropical everything in excess. When I landed in Alaska, my level of surprise was low but my level of […]

The Beginning how Alaska changed my life

Alaska changed my life. This might sound over stated, but it couldn’t be more true. The trip to Alaska was meant to be a refresher, I was meant to go work there for the summer and return to “regular life” come September…whatever that meant at that moment in my life. The funny thing about life is, it always does what it wants, no matter what […]