For years we’ve been wandering the world falling in love with art, design, trendy fashion items, books, artists and everything in between.

Because we travel so often and so light we can never buy/carry everything we’d like to take with us, but on occasion we allow ourselves a piece or two from our favorite places and artists along the way.

This is how the Brave Free Shop idea came to life.

We wanted to share much more than just travel stories and photos with you, and through this shop we believe we can do just that.

This is a collection of our favorite items from around the world, from pieces created by us inspired by our travels, to handmade items designed and made by artist in all corners of the world.

Each item will have a description saying exactly who made it and the process it takes.

Part of the revenue generated on this shop will go directly to organizations we trust and donate to in hopes to aid local communities.